Passionate. Dedicated. Supportive.

The diverse and experienced faculty and staff members at the High School of Commerce are committed to preparing you for success in college and careers.

Through high quality teaching and individualized mentoring, our team of teachers, counselors, and administrators empower you to reach your fullest potential — in work and in life.

The Nelson Mandela House Team

Class Teacher Email Room
Reading Specialist Tracie Berry 232
Humanities Brian Damboise 230
Humanities (SPED) Shannon Doyle 231
Humanities (English Language Development) Chris Rooney 229
Math (SPED) Sarah Westmoreland 236
Math Carlos Lopez-Rivera 235
Biology Rachel Maloney 234
Biology (Para-Professional) Evelyn Cruz 234
Student Activities Support Kailey Boyd 241

The Maya Angelou House Team

Class Teacher Email Room
Humanities Ben Masse 252
Humanities (SPED) Caitlin Giorgio 252
Humanities (English Language Development) Linda Gonzales 253
Math Theresa Friguglietti 206
Math (SPED) Stephen Baffour 210
Math (English Learners) Ivonne Burgos 207
Biology Mary Shaw 202
Biology (Para-Professional) Theresa Gomez 202
Student Activities Support Rick Johnson 244

The Malala Yousafzai House Team

Class Teacher Email Room
Humanities Shona Lappin 243
Humanities (SPED) Kristen Loiko 240
Humanities (English Language Development) Saskia Fabricant 240
Math Russell Littlefield 250
Math (SPED) Mike Gatanio 249
Math (English Learners) Angela Quinones 242
Biology Neil McEwan 251
Biology (Para-Professional) Yoshua Cotto 251
Student Activities Support Charlie Youmans 232

Your Pathways Team

In addition to your house team and your advisory, there are a number of people at Commerce who are here to help you:


Role Name Email Room
Director of Personalized


Chris Buckland 201
Coordinator of Student Support


Dawn King 237
Board Certified Behavior Analyst Amanda Bennett 226
Counselor Tamara Dodds 239
Counselor Nelly Mantilla 215
Restorative Justice Dean Andrew Balog 244
Restorative Justice Dean Meghan Welter-Stahovish 244
Student Activities Support Kailey Boyd 241
Rick Johnson 244
Charlie Youmans 232
Academic Program Coordinator Wesley Strong B150