Explore your creative side.

The arts scene at the High School of Commerce is vibrant and exciting! Join us and explore your creative side in the visual and performing arts.

Visual Arts

At the High School of Commerce, all students must take an arts course to graduate. But, if you want to further explore the fine arts, there are many opportunities in and an out of the classroom:

  • You can take advanced visual arts courses — like Sculpture, Illustration, Graphic Design, Drawing & Painting — in which you’ll experiment with advanced techniques and exhibit your artwork to the school and wider community at local art shows. You may even take field trips to Boston or New York museums or nearby college galleries.
  • You can also join one of our clubs, like the Photography or Art Club, where you can meet with fellow art lovers and create unique projects, like carpet paintings and mini murals.


If singing’s your thing, we have two groups in which you can raise your voices: Chorus and Madrigal Singers. Often, both groups perform together as Commerce’s Combined Choirs. Now, that’s something to sing about!