Important Upcoming Dates for Quarter 3

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February 18 – 22nd: Winter break
Students are encouraged to ask their teachers for make-up work to do over the break.

Wednesday afternoon academic supports: 12:15-1:30
Starting Feb 27th, we will be inviting students to for academic support in ELA, Math and Bio. Bus tokens will be provided for students at 1:30

March 13th: Parent-Teacher conference (4:30- 7 pm)
We cordially invite all parents to come and talk with teachers about how we can all support student achievement in the remainder of the year and in preparation for Grade 10.

March 15th: This will be a half-day for students (7:40-12:15pm)
This whole day will be an opportunity to make-up missing work for the Quarter. Grade close on April 8th

April 15 – 19: Spring Break

April: 16, 17, 18th: Biology MCAS Camp
Grade 9 students will be taking the Biology MCAS exam in June of this year. Students are invited to attend a special MCAS camp during three days of the April break.